Kelly Kumbera


"To Purposefully influence the lives of a million others who'll Intentionally make a difference in the lives of millions of others that'll Collectively span generations!"

Mr. Kelly Kumbera, an entrepreneur of thirty-five plus years, is the Founding Visionary of WhirlyVision LLC and the WhirlyVision Membership Cooperative, a "Pilot-Centric" business model that is founded on the principles of "Service to Others FIRST" and is designed to serve the best interests of the independent commercial drone pilot industry on a global level.
Prior to WhirlyVision, Mr. Kumbera served the real estate industry as a Certified Appraiser, Licensed Broker, Investor Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Association Speaker, and Business Coach, and developed one of the largest Real Estate Valuation & Inspection Solutions companies in the Pacific Northwest. During his tenure, he mentored numerous industry professionals in navigating the ebbs and flows of their entrepreneurial journey through his Personal Relationship Marketing Program: “E3 – Exemplifying Excellence in Entrepreneurialism!”
Educationally, Kelly has completed hundreds of college-level courses, bootcamps, seminars, and workshops related to business development, marketing, real estate, finance, law, technology, and success development throughout his career.
On a personal note, whether at the beach, on a boat, or in a tube, Kelly spends much of his leisure time engaged in water-related activities and often says “Since we’re comprised of energy and water, it's only natural we’re re-energized by water”. He has also become somewhat of a treasure sleuth since acquiring his aquatic drone!

His #1 Rule:
No Whining, Complaining, Excusing or Blaming!
His Viewpoint:
When you invest Yourself in serving Others, the return on Your investment in and through Others is infinite and endures forever!
His Mantra:
Through Perseverance & Persuasion, You'll Prevail!