Looking for a home to hang your remote & park your drone?

. . . Seeking a highly-influential, knowledgeable, and industry-connected OPERATIONS DIRECTOR . . . Exceptional career opportunity to develop the WhirlyVision brand and the Membership Cooperative Program throughout the droning industry! . . .

WhirlyVision is seeking career-oriented Whirlyographers (aerial & aquatic drone pilots) for the development and expansion of its unique and innovative business model throughout the known droning world (& beyond!).

WhirlyVision provides its Whirlyographers:

  • Protected Territory
  • High Commission
  • Recruiting Incentive
  • Referral Incentive
  • Creator Incentive
  • E-Comm Incentive
  • Marketing Support
  • Pilot Website *
  • Email Address
  • Business Cards
  • Invoice Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Business Coaching
  • + EXIT Strategy!
* CLICK HERE for Sample Drone Pilot Website
There is no other pilot-centric commercial drone business opportunity like this on the planet . . .

. . . Bold Claim YES, but Very True!
Membership Cooperative Program

WhirlyVision is a commercial drone services agency that provides a wide range of commercial aerial and aquatic drone photography and videography solutions across multiple interests and industries. These solutions are provided through our network of Member pilots and include everything from selfies to search & rescue.

WhirlyVision is NOT the typical drone services company where we only employ or contract our own pilots, it is NOT a pilot directory where our drone pilots are idling standing by waiting for their smartphones to ring, it is NOT a franchisor where we are over-satuating markets with over-priced and under-serviced franchisees, and it is NOT a multilevel marketing scheme where our pilots need to enroll their family and friends just to make a decent living; HOWEVER, it does incorporate the wisdom of all four of these business disciplines in developing the most unique and innovative pilot-centric business model in the industry!

WhirlyVision is a drone sevices agency that operates as a Membership Cooperative in which all our Whirlyographers are Independent Member Licensees of the Cooperative and are operating fully on behalf of the Membership, and the Cooperative is acting in the best interests of its Independent Member Licensee pilots. The Cooperative is the hub, or the back-office management, operations, and processing center for its Member pilots, and the Member pilots are the front-office service providers. All drone-related transactions are managed directly through the hub.

As a Whirlyographer, you are acquiring a limited license that offers a number of exclusive benefits, including a protected territory, high commissions, numerous income incentives, and many other benefits, though most notably, an Exit Strategy! You are not only building a local drone business within your protected territory, you are also building a global drone business in which you are able to recruit and offer drone services through the Membership Cooperative and benefit financially from the recruiting and/or referral income incentives.

To learn more about this very exciting and highly lucrative program, please watch our 35-minute Whirlyographer Inquiry Presentation, which provides a detailed overview of the WhirlyVision Membership Cooperative Program. To begin the presentation, grab yourself a bowl of popcorn, cool beverage, and a notepad, and then click the red PRESENTATION button below.

WhirlyVision offers an exclusive commercial drone business opportunity that is unlike any other. Territories are limited and are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, subject to territory approval. Once you fully understand the accumulative marketing and exponential growth potential of our business model, and then begin implementing the business development strategies within your territory, your drone business will quickly begin to take flight to new heights that you never thought possible!

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