Dominique Dronier

(727) 210-5425

Dominique Dronier

(727) 210-5425

Aerial Drone Pilot

Independently Licensed Company
Certified & Insured
Drone Pilot Instructor

Thank you for visiting my Drone Pilot page. I have been providing commercial drone services since becoming a Certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot in 2020. I deploy a variety of commercial and industrial aerial drones. My clients generally include consumers, entrepreneurs, local businesses, public companies, and municipal agencies. The industries that I typically serve include business, communication, construction, insurance, marine, media, municipal, real estate, sports, tourism, and wedding. The purposes for my drone service include activity & event recording, inspection, marketing, monitoring, news, public safety, and search & rescue. My professional affiliations include the Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate and various other trade associations. When I am not working on a commercial drone project, I am capturing event imagery and memories for my family and friends!

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Real Estate

My Products & Services

Aerial & Aquatic Drone Solutions!

I provide a wide range of commercial aerial and aquatic drone photography
and videography solutions across multiple industries and interests!

If I am not able to personally serve your commercial droning needs, I will gladly reach out through our Membership Cooperative on your behalf to find a drone pilot that is available to take on your commercial drone project right away!

Our Membership Cooperative

Become a Member of WhirlyVision!

WhirlyVision is seeking drone entrepreneurs for the expansion of its
unique and innovative business model throughout the known droning world!

I became a Member of the WhirlyVision Membership Cooperative because it provides me the tools and resources necessary to develop a sustainable drone business locally and allows me to market my drone services through our Membership globally. The Membership provides me a family of like-minded drone pilots through which I am able to continually develop my drone business and craft my piloting skills. The Cooperative provides me the back-office services that I enjoy doing the least and allows me to spend more time doing what I enjoy the most – providing drone services for my customers. The Membership Cooperative incentive programs allow my business to take flight to new heights that I never though possible!

Your Shopping Mall

Welcome to Whirlymall!

Your Premier Online Shopping Experience Dedicated
Exclusively to the World of Aerial & Aquatic Droning! is a our new ecommerce platform that is focused exclusively on the droning industry. Our offerings will include aerial and aquatic drones, controller and drone accessories, operating, power, and travel supplies, drone-related apparel and miscellaneous items, photo and video clips, and gift cards. Please check back often as we are gradually stocking our virtual shelves and creating the premier online shopping experience dedicated exclusively to the world of aerial and aquatic droning!

Industry Insights

Whether you’re considering starting your own independent commercial drone business, purchasing a drone franchise, or joining the WhirlyVision Membership Cooperative, each quick video below contains gold nuggets that answer questions you forgot to ask!
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#9 - WMC

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