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Considering operating your own commercial drone business?

Introducing drones into your current business operations?

If so, where do you start?

It all starts with ...
... Certification!

In order to pilot a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) for ANY commercial purpose, the pilot must first pass the FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test and then obtain their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.

At this time, there are no certification requirements to operate an aquatic drone, or ROV (remotely operated vehicle); however, it is highly recommended that new aquatic drone pilots attend our “hands-on” training courses to get the most out of their aquatic drones.

Drone Pilot Ground School
(FAA Part 107)

To ensure your success in passing the FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test the first time around, Whirlyversity offers one of the industry’s leading test preparation and training courses available for aerial drone pilots. While there are a number of online educational resources available, our drone pilot ground school course was selected, not just because of its 99%+ success rate, though more importantly, because of its “easy-to-follow” in-depth content, near-to “hands-on” training topics, and lifetime access to the course and other extremely valuable content and materials.

Ground School Enrollment Fee *
Group Size $ Per Student Total Amount
1 Student $299 $299
2 Students $279 $558
3 Students $259 $777
4 Students $239 $956
5 Students $219 $1,095

* Drone Pilot Ground School
(Enrollment Special)

By enrolling in Whirlyversity Ground School through our link below, Whirlyversity will:

  • 1.Reimburse the fee should the drone pilot become a Whirlyographer for WhirlyVision.
  • 2.Provide a lifetime 50% discount on any individual-priced Whirlyversity Flight School training courses or future workshops offered through Whirlyversity (discount not applicable to the already-discounted Drone Piloting Master’s Program).

To enroll in Whirlyversity Ground School, click the cyan ENROLL button below.

Drone Pilot Flight School
(Aerial & Aquatic Drones)

Whirlyversity offers a number of “hands-on” flight courses to help get you operating your drone like a professional as quickly as possible. Our courses are offered individually or in groups or company teams of up to five (5) aerial or aquatic drone pilots, and are held at a nearby Whirlyversity campus (park, school, open field, pool, marina, etc.) or at your place of business, conditions permitting. In order to participate in our flight courses, each pilot must have first obtained their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (aerial drone pilot only) and then provide their own properly-functioning drone for the flight course ( WV does not provide drones for any “hand-on” flight courses).

Drone Pilot
Flight Courses *
  • Drone Piloting I (Freshman 101; 1.5-2 Hours)
    Pre-Flight Inspection, Preparation, Basic Maneuvers
  • Drone Piloting II (Sophomore 201; 1.5-2 Hours)
    Programmed Modes, Basic Photo/Video Techniques
  • Drone Piloting III (Junior 301; 1.5-2 Hours)
    Inspections, Mapping, Surveys, Advanced Maneuvers
  • Drone Piloting IV (Senior 401; 1.5-2 Hours)
    Cinematography, Advanced Photo/Video Techniques
  • Drone Piloting V (Graduate 501; 1.5-2 Hours)
    Public Safety, Security, Search & Rescue

* All "hands-on" drone pilot flight courses include managing equipment resources, mastering remote control operating systems, obtaining authorizations, working with crew members, and reinforcement of applicable piloting policies

Flight School Registration Fee *
Group Size Class Hours $ Per Student Total Amount
1 Pilot 1.5-2.0 $299 $299
2 Pilots 2.0-2.5 $279 $558
3 Pilots 2.5-3.0 $259 $777
4 Pilots 3.0-3.5 $239 $956
5 Pilots 3.5-4.0 $219 $1,095

* Drone Pilot Flight School
(Registration Special)

Drone Piloting Master’s Program
all 5 flight courses for

Over a 33% Savings!

To register for a Whirlyversity “hands-on” flight course, click the blue REGISTER button below.


Drone Pilot Flight School

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