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Drones are NOT just for business, NO!
Drones have also been making their way into the
world of entertainment for quite some time now.


Drone Project Imagineer

Our Whirlyneers are working on a number of exciting specialty team projects that whether from the stage, above the track, in the studio, or on the screen, are sure to capture the imaginations of both participants and spectators through our Dazzling Whirlyworld of Droning!.

These specialty team projects include:


WhirlyVision Mascot

Whirlyten is a Sapufelin that was rescued from Ceaskie Island wandering the south seas. Sapufelins are the only aeonic species of the ancient class Terraquabian, which translates:

“Flies like a Fish that Swims like a Bird”

Whirlyten is believed to be the only Sapufelin known to exist.


Drone Entertainment Group

Whirlyators is our stage production team. Drones have recently begun making regular appearances on stage shows everywhere. These stage appearances typically include an elemental display of flying lights set to a stock media sound track.

Whirlyators stage production encompasses a sophisticated multi-drone display of dazzling imagery and lighting accompanied by a dynamic sound orchestration and is performed by a team of our highly talented and entertaining drone pilots!


Drone Performance Group

Whirlynauts is our competitive racing team. Drone races are held almost every week, from local drone club races to nationally-televised championship racing events.

Whirlynauts and its team of highly competitive drone pilots are extremely excited to be competing alongside our local challengers and to be taking on our industry’s toughest competitors!


Drone Media Group

Whirlytalk is our social media team. Its primary function is to serve as the official online spokesperson for all things WhirlyVision and to keep it at the forefront across all relevant social media platforms, including establishing a sponsored weekly online webcast for all things droning!


Drone Cinematography Group

Whirlywood is our elite video production team. This drone team focuses exclusively on serving the television and movie industries and is able to travel on short notice to any studio or set location.

Whirlywood is also our video production studio for creating documentaries, movieshorts, and other video-related products for our clients and member Whirlyographers.

Interested in joining a specialty project team?

Whirlyworld is seeking a team of troupers for its various specialty drone project groups. If you enjoy performing incognito or center stage, taking on the next challenger, being a social media influencer, or commingling with the stars, Whirlyworld has the specialty drone project just for you!

To audition for a Whirlyworld specialty project team, click the magenta AUDITION button below.


Speciality Project Team

While our Whirlyneers are busily working away on these projects, check back often for updates on the launch of these exciting teams!
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